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UK Landscape Award 2012

Landscape Award of the Council of Europe

The Landscape Award of the Council of Europe (CoE) was set up under the European Landscape Convention to celebrate projects and policies that make a ‘lastingly effective’ contribution to landscape protection, management or planning. Though set up in 2000 the member states agreed the rules for the Awards in February 2008 and the first round of awards then opened in 2009.

Because the Awards were new and there was not much time to prepare, only eight countries took part, not including the UK. After completing their national selection in 2008, the eight entering countries submitted their winners to the Council of Europe for judging in 2009. The winner was France, for the Parc de la Deûle project.

In 2011, which was the first year that the UK entered, there were 13 entries and the winner was Italy. The 2009 and 2011 entries and results can be viewed on the Council of Europe website.

The UK’s entry to the European Award in 2011 - Durham Heritage Coast - was selected through the UK’s own Landscape Award in 2010. Nearly 70 entries from across the UK were judged in regional heats followed by a national final. The entrants and winners of the UK 2010 competition can be viewed on the Landscape Awards 2010.

In 2012 there won’t be any regional heats so all eligible entries will be put forward to a UK judging panel and, as before, the winner will be put forward to next year’s Landscape Award of the Council of Europe (2013).